What Are Moral Rights?

What Are Moral Rights This article discusses what are moral rights in the context of Canadian and International law.  The Canadian Copyright Act provides authors with both economic and moral rights.   Moral rights are an extension of an artist’s personality.   Hughes Copyright & Industrial Design (Second Edition)  Roger T. Hughes, Q.C. Lexis Nexis Butterworths p.551 …

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Copyright definition – What is Copyright?

Copyright definition can be defined as follows: “Copyright subsists in ‘every original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic work includes every original production in the literary, scientific or artistic domain, whatever may be the mode or form of its expression'” as noted in the Copyright Act provided certain conditions met further described in this article.   What …

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History of Canada’s Copyright Legislation

1.Brief History of Canada’s Copyright Legislation (by Vandana Taxali/Entcounsel)   Copyright legislation provides a mechanism to ensure creators are compensated for use of their work in the marketplace and acknowledge the right of a copyright owner to control the use of their work. Case law has held that the object and purpose of the Copyright …

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Canadian Copyright Law – History

The following article summarizes a history of Canadian copyright law and legislation in Canada from 1924 until the present day reviewing Bills, Legislations and Case Law. A list of all the important Canadian case law on Copyright Law is also summarized.    Canadian copyright law falls under Federal jurisdiction pursuant to section 91(23) of the …

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