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Contests & Promotions

Entcounsel provides legal services to producers, musicians, authors, publishers, artist managers, visual artists, photographers, fashion designers, advertising agencies and promotional agencies with the following legal services:

  • representation of Artist in the area of copyright and licensing
  • merchandise & licensing
  • music clearance/publishing
  • review of advertisement/marketing materials
  • drafting contest/promotion rules
  • drafting and negotiating contracts
  • issues relating to television and film production
    • drafting option agreements, writer agreements, etc.)
    • Reviewing chain of title and errors and omission
    • Drafting talent agreements, key crew agreement (DOP, costume designer, editor, etc.), director agreement, producer agreements, etc
    • Assistance with preparation of provincial and federal tax credit applications
    • Any and all other legal work related to the development and production of feature films and television work
    • international & Canadian co-productions
    • Production contracts
  • drafting and negotiating various types of licensing agreements (music, television, merchandising etc.)
  • drafting and negotiating various music licenses such as master use licenses, synchronization licences, composer agreements, management agreements and publishing and recording agreements,
  • protecting copyright and trade-mark
  • enforcing intellectual property rights


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