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We would love to help you! read below to see the types of services we provide and whether we can be of assistance.Entcounsel is a law firm providing legal services for creatives and startups in intellectual property law, business law and entertainment law in Toronto – we are more than just another Toronto entertainment lawyer.Our firm offers legal services in publishing, technology, entertainment law, business law, music law, technology law, intellectual property.  Check out the legal services we provide below.

Arts, Media & Entertainment Lawyer (Toronto)

Let us be your entertainment lawyer toronto go to firm to assist you with film/tv production legal work (including review of chain of title, errors & omission, option agreement and writer, talent, key crew, director and producer agreement and preparation of provincial & federal tax credits.  Read more about the production legal services we provide.   We can assist with: 

  • Director and producer agreements
  • International and Canadian co-productions
  • Production contracts
  • Music clearance/publishing and
  • Preparation of provincial & federal tax credits)
  • Music Law & Clearance
  • Animation agreements
  • Structuring production company with articles of incorporation & by-laws
  • Reviewing & drafting co-development and provincial co-production agreements
  • Funding applications
  • Preparing private investor and private lender agreements
  • Chain of Title Review Option and literary purchase/life story agreements
  • Book publishing agreements
  • Certificate of authorship/employment
  • WGC Writer Agreement
  • WGC Story Editor Agreement
  • Non-Guild Agreements
  • Reviewing Broadcaster & Distributor Agreements
  • E & O Application
  • Bank Interim Financing
  • Talent Agreements
  • Drafting key crew agreements
  • Celebrity and Personality Rights
  • Co-Sponsorship Agreements
  • Privacy Issues
  • Photography, Artwork & Images releases
  • Master use licenses
  • Synchronization licences
  • Composer agreements
  • Management agreements and Publishing and recording agreement
  • Tax Credit strategy with CAVCO and Ontario Film and Television Tax Credits (OMDC)

​Intellectual Property Lawyer 

We are skilled at negotiating and drafting various types of intellectual property licensing agreements (including product, software, technology, merchandising licensing, artwork licensing, services agreements, broadcast television licensing and distribution deals, distribution agreements, broadcast and television programming license agreements, online and e-commerce agreements and confidentiality agreements and other corporate/commercial agreements in the media and entertainment industries. We care about your intellectual property and provide intellectual property management and enforcement (preparing and drafting applications for copyright and trademark registrations with CIPO, copyright and trademark searches and legal opinions, litigation assistance, overseeing and managing copyright and intellectual property infringement matters in Federal Court and the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.   This includes:

  • intellectual property applications, protection and management
  • copyright law protection, enforcement and applications
  • non disclosure agreements
  • trademark law
  • trade secrets and confidentiality agreements
  • non disclosure agreements
  • patent management assistance
  • Advertising & Marketing Law

    Entcounsel can review marketing, sales and advertising materials including press releases and other corporate communications (including drafting contest and promotion rules and drafting sponsorship agreements/co-branding agreements.  We can also assist with digital marketing and social media strategies that confirm to terms of service and the law.   This includes:

  • Review of marketing materials including contest administration and prize fulfillment
  • Sales and advertising materials including press releases and other corporate communications
  • Drafting contest and promotion rules online and on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. rafting sponsorship agreements/co-branding agreements
  • Assisting with compliance of google search engine optimization
  • Understanding Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google terms of services, copyright infringement etc.
  • DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) and assisting with Notice and Takedown (US) and Notice and Notice (Canada) provisions
  • Licensing and Merchandising Law

    Entcounsel  draft and negotiate various licensing and merchandising agreements including: 

  • Product, software, technology, merchandising licensing, artwork licensing services agreements
  • Broadcast television licensing and distribution deals
  • Distribution agreements
  • Broadcast and television programming license agreements
  • Online and e-commerce agreements and confidentiality agreements and other
  • Corporate/commercial agreements in the media & entertainment industries)
  • Intellectual Property Protection,
  • Management and Enforcement (protecting copyright and trade-marks, enforcing intellectual property rights, preparing and drafting applications for copyright and trademark registrations, copyright and trademark searches and legal opinions, litigating, overseeing and managing copyright intellectual property infringement matters in Federal Court)
  • Contract Management Drafting licensing agreements in the area of merchandising, art, technology, software, etc.
  • Drafting all types of contracts related to small businesses
  • Advising & assisting startups & entrepreneurs in creative & new media projects
  • Business Law & Corporate/Commercial Matters

    We can provide strategic business and legal advice to various companies and their internal departments and executive teams regarding television stations/channels, corporate communications, lease/real estate matters, technology issues and other corporate/commercial matters.  We assist startups and entrepreneurs in all areas of law.   Some of the advice we provide includes:


    • Articles of Incorporation
    • Founder and Operating Agreements
    • Drafting consulting & employee agreements
    • Intellectual Property Assignments
    • Shareholder Agreements
    • Non disclosure and confidentiality agreements
    • Investor & Funding documents (convertible debt or convertible equity)
    • Co-founder agreements
    • Assisting with securities law compliance
    • Privacy policy & terms and conditions
    • Drafting and negotiation of various corporation/commercial agreements and contracts in the entertainment, lease agreements, software, technology and new media arenas

    Entcounsel has been providing legal and business support to creatives, YouTube content producers, film, tv and music producers, business owners, startups and entrepreneurs in the startup and creative industries for over 15 years.  

    We help creatives and entrepreneurs grow their business by putting place the right business structure (whether incorporation, partnership or sole proprietorship or otherwise), protecting intellectual property rights, trade secrets and confidential information and ensuring the right legal agreements (employment agreement, shareholder agreements, licensing agreements, NDA’s and others are put in place). 

    Check out our resource section for information that may help you with your issue such as intellectual property infringement (copyright and trademark infringement), business law, entertainment law, defamation law, trade secrets, non-disclosure agreements and other resources for entrepreneurs and startups that will transform your entrepreneurial skills.  Click on Resources above to see our list. 

    Our YouTube channel has videos on dealing with copyright infringement online, ​creating a business plan and crafting a legally compliant pitch desk, drafting a social media policy, going through a trademark registration process and the steps for obtaining a trademark registration.  

    Vandana Taxali

    (Entertainment Lawyer Toronto)

    Vandana Taxali been legal counsel to entertainment companies such as Nelvana, Citytv/CHUM Television (BRAVO, Fashion Television, MuchMusic, etc.), SuperChannel (ALARCO), Zoomer TV, Standard Radio, etc..   She has also worked on the production and legals for many film and TV projects including Halle Berry’s, Frankie & Alice, Pontypool etc.  She is your entertainment lawyer TorontoShe is completing her Digital Media Studies certificate at OCAD University and is an instructor at OCAD University for the course, Intellectual Property for Creatives & Designers.She has mentored various startups and entrepreneurs at various incubators such as OCAD University’s Imagination Catalyst, George Brown’s digiFest, Community Innovation Lab (Oshawa), Philanthropitch and Canada Venture Partners.She is also active in the arts and sits on the Board of the Art Gallery of Mississauga, Mural Routes and has served on the committees for The Power Plant, ONEXONE, Toronto Art Fair and Canadian Art.  Entcounsel is more than just another entertainment lawyer Toronto based law firm.   You can read more about Vandana HERE and schedule an appointment.  


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