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Trade-mark Registration

Why Use Our Services?

In addition to being fast and efficient, we will provide you, without charge, with a preliminary search of the Canadian trade-marks database as well as a report along key social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. to let you know if your mark is being used by others.

This helps you decide and assess the competitiveness of your mark. ŒæIn order to get this report, please write “free report” in the subject line of your email and email to [email protected] ŒæThis free preliminary search is worth at least $300.00. ŒæThis offer is valid for the next seven days only.

Trade-mark Registration

We can help you with applying for a Canadian trade-mark registration quickly and efficiently. ξWe assess your company and make sure that you have all your goods and merchandise related to your company covered.

A trade-mark is a word (or words) or a design (or combination) used to identify the goods and/or services of a person or organization used to distinguish the goods and/or services from others in the marketplace.

A Canadian trade-mark registration entered in the Register of Trade-marks gives you the exclusive right to use that mark across Canada for 15 years and must be renewed every 15 years. ξWhile a trade-mark registration is not mandatory and you can still establish ownership rights under common law, there are advantages to having a trade-mark registration.


Advantages of a Trade-mark Registration

A trade-mark registration is prima facie (on it’s face) evidence of ownership. ŒæWith a trade-mark registration, an owner does not have to provide ownership and the onus is on the party seeking to challenge the owner’s trade-mark rights.


Trade-marks That Cannot Be Registered

The following marks cannot be registered:

– names and surnames

– clearly descriptive marks

– “deceptively misdescriptive” marks

– words that denote a geographical location commonly known to be the place of origin of such goods or services

Рwords in ξother languages

– words or designs that are considered confusing with a previously registered trade-mark or pending trade-mark

– words or designs that nearly resemble a prohibited mark


Trade-Marks Steps

Steps for a Trade-mark Registration

1) ξFiling trade-mark application

2) ξExamination Process

3) ξPre-publication search

4) ξPublication

5) ξOpposition

6) ξAllowance and Registration



We do all of our trade-mark applications online and so the government filing fee is only $250 instead of $300. ξOur legal fees vary anywhere from $250 to $750 depending on the complexity of your mark. ξAfter the application fees are paid, our fee is $250 per hour to correspond back and forth with the Trademarks Examiner.


Please call (416) 865-0800 or click here for a consultation.

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