What investors want in a pitch deck

Pitch Deck – What Investors Want to Know

The pitch deck is your sales tool for investors. A good pitch deck is important if you want to win over an investor and get funded. The following article summarizes what is required in a good pitch check. If you want your deck reviewed or want more information, check out Entcounsel for more business and legal advice relating to your start up.

Pitch Deck Overview

Pitch Deck Cover Slide:

Contact information: Company name, location, tagline, presenter’s name and title
Stage of Development & Types of Support
Startup timing – how long have you been in operation?
Legal Structure & Date Founded
identify whether it is a wearable, technology or innovation for the fashion design industry

Pitch Deck Intro Slide: Team

Do the members of your team demonstrate entrepreneurial ability to adapt

Do they demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the target community?

Is there a clear identification of key gaps in talent and experience and realistic plan to fill these gaps?

Who are your funders? Team members?

Any awards or recognition?

Does your venture have the organizational capacity to execute? If you’re building team, how will team be built?

Describe how your have the organization capacity to fulfil the problem and provide the solution in the fashion industry.

How long have you been in operation?

Slide 1: Company Overview

Provide a summary of your company such as name, when it was founded along with address and contact information.  A short brief sentence on what your company can also be included.

Slide 2: Mission Statement/Value Proposition – 1 to 2 slides

Describe your value proposition and mission statement.

Is your value proposition unique and a catalyst for change?

What is the impact of your innovation? Are there any social impacts?

Have you actively engaged the fashion community to solve the problem in the fashion industry? Do you have a strategy or plan to clearly measure and evaluate social/innovation/ impact

Slide 3: Problem/Opportunity/Solution

Identify the problem and solution.

Please provide a clearly defined solution for an identified need/social problem in the fashion industry

Describe in detail how your product, service, or business model in the fashion sector is innovative?

How do you differentiate yourself from competitors and how is it unique?

Do you have any evidence of validation* of the identified need/social problem and solution you are providing in the fashion industry?

*Evidence of validation is evidence from customer/user/target recipient community feedback which supports your assumptions that the identified need/problem exists and your solution meets that need.

Slide 4: Benefits/Value to Customers

What are the benefits and who is realizing these benefits
Identify customers and market size

What are the customer segments?

Slide 5: Intellectual Property

Are there any proprietary technology or unique partners?

Slide 6: Competitive Advantage

Slide 7: Marketing Strategy & Key Metrics

What is the market potential of what you’re offering in the fashion industry? Is there a viable addressable market size

Identify your target customers and how to reach them
Is your product scalable in terms of geography and solution, or across industries?
What is your marketing strategy? Marketing costs?
Who are your partners?
What are the customer segments?
What are the distribution channels?
Do you have a strategy or plan to clearly measure and evaluate the impact of your innovation?
How are you measuring the impact your venture is having?
How are you executing and validating the impact of your innovation?

Slide 8: Business Model

price of product/service
revenue streams
distribution channels
customer relationships
franchise opportunities

Slide 9: Financial Projections

What is your Economic & Financial Model?
Do you have a feasible and realistic commercial model and funding plan? Outline this plan.
What are the realistic financial projections for venture’s operations?
What is the realistic road map to financial sustainability?
Outline the Profit & Loss Statement and Cash Flow (document projected sales).

Slide 10: Financing Requirements

Summary Slide:

Summarize all the key points in the slides above.

Document Submission – You may be required to provide the following documents:

  • Bylaws
  • Current strategic plan and/or any needs assessment reports completed in the last two years
  • List of all revenue sources for the organization. List of all sources of in-kind support received.
  • Operating budget for current fiscal year
  • List of current leadership team / board members with the date of the start of their current term and when they first joined the organization / board and an organizational chart
  • Approved minutes of the last two board meetings
  • Please submit a Fashion Business Lean Canvas (note: we can create this once we finalize these questions).
  • Please submit any letters of support from anyone in the fashion community
  • Submit any press

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