Film Production Checklist


Film Production Checklist

The following checklist will help you with the production and making sure all documents, forms, releases and synopsis are in order.


1. Film Production & Parent Production Company Info


Running Length (in minutes, excluding commercial time) Incorporation Number

Business Number

Contact Name, Address, Phone & Email Articles of Incorporation,

How is company controlled, officers and directors of the production company and citizenship?

2. Option Rights/Chain of Title

AuthorDeal Memo (Dated, Sent & Executed)

3. Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration for Screenplay, Script and Motion Pictures US or Canada

4. Title Report

Order Title Report Send to Insurer

Motion Picture Association Application ordered

5. Completion Guarantor

6. Bank Loan

7. Distribution Agreements

Theatrical DVD

Pay Television

Free Television

8. Errors & Omissions Insurance

Contact Name, Phone & Email

Policy # and Certificate of Insurance

9. Script

Dates of various scripts received Attorney comments

Dates of various drafts

10. Script Clearance/Research Report

Contact Name, Phone & Email Dates received Changes

Attorney Comments

11. Guild Signatory Agreements

Other guilds/unions involved such as American Musicians Association

12. Writer’s Agreements

Writer(s)Contact Name, Phone & EmailDeal Memo and date of execution Long Form Agreement and date of execution


13. Producer’s Agreements

Contact Name, Address, Phone & Email, Citizenship & Deal Memo & Long Form of:

  1. producers, co-producers, executive productions, line producers, supervising producers and production managers

  2. Director, Screenwriter, Production Designer/Art direcotr, DOP/Chief Camera Operator, Music Composer, Picture Editor, Researcher, Chief Technician, Chief Sound

  3. Animation Director(s)

Scripwriter(s) and storyboard supervisor first or second voice

Design supervisor music composer(s) picture (editors) locations

Layout and background key animation

Assistance animation/in-betweening camera operation and operation

14. Director’s Agreement

Director Contact Name, Phone # Deal Memo & Longform

DGA Deal Memo and execution Date Citizenship

15. Actor Agreements

Contact, Phone & Email Deal Memo & Long Form Citizenship

1st lead, voice, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, Lead, & Role

16. Composer Agreement

Composer Contact Name, Phone & Email Deal Memo, Long Form BMI/ASCAP/SOCAN


17. Music Clearances

Music title, dates, executed

Cue sheets

18. Location Agreements

Various location agreements and dates of execution

19. Privacy ReleasesDate of execution and release forms

20. Crew Agreements

Director of Photography Editor Assistant Director

Associate Producer

Deal Memo & Long Forms & date of execution

21. Laboratory Agreements

Processing and date of execution of agreement Lab access and date of execution

22. Credit Lists

Main and titles

WGA Notice of Tentative Writing Credits Paid Advertising Credit


Sample Credit List

23. Miscellaneous Agreements

Panavision Dolby

24. Screening

Viewing Dates

25. Type of Production

Canadian Content Production Services Co-VentureTreaty Co-Production

Provincial Co-Production “C” number or “SR” number

Residency forms (CAVO forms and Ontario Residency Forms)

26. Sources of Financing


Private Investors Tax Credits

Telefilm and other government funding agencies CAVCO/CRTC/OMDC Applications

27. Other Items

Obtain broadcaster delivery items

Leasing space, studio, office (where is shooting happening) E & O Clearance Procedures/GuidelinesStandard Personal Releases

Producer’s Policy on Expenses Reimbursements etc.

Budget Synopsis

Program Category (Animation or Live Action or Archival Footage or Special Effects) Dates of Production (start and end dates)

28. Sources of financing


Private Investors Tax Credits

Telefilm and other government funding agencies CAVCO/CRTC/OMDC Applications

29. Dates of Production

Preparation/Pre-ProductionShooting/Principal Photography Post-Production

Answer Print/Delivery

30. Animation

Storyboard Dialogue Recording

Design and Layout Animation Opaquing

Post-Production Answer Print

31. Rights Holder of Film

Who controls broadcast and distribution rights

Who has final approval over hiring key creative personnel Who has final approval over the budget

32. Other final items

All other on-screen performers (musicians, chorus, dancers and extras) Guests and type of participation

Audience participation in the program

Closed Captioning


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