We are a group of lawyers that want to help frontline health care workers  by providing access to lawyers  that will draft free simple non-complex wills since you are risking your lives for us


Our mission is to assist frontline healthcare workers with access to lawyers offering pro bono simple and non-complex wills where we can.

Covid Legal Help
How Does it Work?

If you are an eligible frontline healthcare worker in the US or Canada, you may reach out to any of the volunteer lawyers in your jurisdiction under “Lawyer Listings” along with a completed intake form in the tab below. 

These lawyers have agreed to draft a pro bono simple non-complex will as defined below to eligible frontline healthcare workers working the front lines during the pandemic putting themselves at greater risk, subject to federal, provincial/state laws, law society/state bar rules (including conflict checks),  availability and our disclaimer, privacy policy and terms.   

Please note that this pro bono service is for simple wills only does not include anything complex such as estate planning or corporate wills.   See our description of complex wills in the FAQs.  The determination of whether your will is a simple one or complex will be at the sole discretion of the lawyer that you contact.  This site is simply to provide general information, resources and a directory listing of lawyers that have volunteered to draft a simple will.  In no way, are we creating a solicitor-client relationship with you.   We cannot be held liable for any reason whatsoever if you are not provided a will for any reason or if a lawyer is too busy to take your file.  

First, download and complete the intake form,  and send to your lawyer in your jurisdiction who will advise whether they can help.  However, residents of Ontario must first contact Pro Bono Ontario first at 1 855-255-7256.  

The services being offered on the site are for the  frontline healthcare workers to whom we are deeply grateful.   As you are putting your life at risk, we want to give you the resources and access to lawyers to obtain a free pro bono basic will subject to eligibility requirements, lawyer availability, jurisdiction, law society/state bar rules and our privacy policy and terms so that you can be assured that your loved ones are taken care of.

The Will services offered by any lawyer in the Lawyer Listings volunteering their services are being provided only during the pandemic and are subject to eligibility requirements in the terms and conditions, lawyer availability, federal, state and provincial laws and law society/state bars rules and are  limited to one basic will per qualified frontline healthcare professional. 

The services shall not extend to cover complex estate planning, complex estate matters or other legal matters. Should you require more involved estates legal advice and/or a complex will or other legal service, discuss this up front with the lawyer you contact from the directory to determine whether they have the capacity to accept this retainer, and whether there will be a charge to you.

For greater certainty, this voluntary service is to be in place during the period of the COVID-19 crisis only and may be discontinued at any time, and without notice.  Further, any of the lawyers offering their services hereunder may, in their discretion, determine that they cannot assume a particular matter/client.  

While we endeavour to provide this service to all eligible applicants, we cannot guarantee response or turn around time given the current situation but will work as fast as we can.   This website is simply a portal and information resource to connect eligible front line workers with wills and estate lawyers. 

If you are a licensed lawyer in the US or Canada (or a notary in Quebec) that is competent and knowledgeable in the area of wills and estates and would like to draft free simple non-complex pro bono wills, please add your name under the tab  “Add Your Law Firm” and you will be added to the lawyer listings after agreeing to our terms and privacy policy

Virtual Commissioning is now being permitted in some jurisdictions such as Ontario due to COVID.  We may need other lawyers that offer other services in the future and will keep you posted.   

The lawyers that participate agree not to try to intentionally and directly sell or promote other legal work for fees unless specifically requested by the client such as in the case of a complex will or other related legal services.  In those cases, we ask that you reduce your fees if possible.   

You will enter into your own solicitor-client relationship with the client and be responsible for the file.   You understand that we are just a resource and portal to provide information and resources.  

Any lawyer participating agrees to comply with all federal, provincial/state laws (including for instance the Succession Law Reform Act and the Law Society’s rules on remote commissioning and video witnessing in Ontario), law society/state bar rules as well as our terms and privacy policy.  

For Ontario residents, please contact Pro Bono Ontario at 1 888 915-5912 who will handle your intake firm before reaching out to one of the lawyers on the site.  

Pro Bono Ontario is an access to justice charity that focuses on civil, non-family, legal problems, which represent approximately 60% of unmet legal needs in Ontario. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, PBO has made its Free Legal Advice Hotline the hub of its legal services delivery model.

PBO is working with COVID-19 Legal to provide frontline health workers in Ontario the following:  

1)  Providing free legal information and summary advice about Powers of Attorney and general estate planning matters for frontline healthcare workers;

2)  Providing free Power of Attorney preparation for frontline healthcare workers who do not have access to legal assistance through their unions or workplace health and wellness programs.

The service will be provided through the Hotline’s POA line. Hours will be contingent on the number of volunteers recruited, but will operate two mornings per week at a minimum.

For other jurisdictions outside Ontario or in the US, please complete and download an Intake form and contact one of the lawyers in the directory  in your jurisdiction.  If there is no lawyer listed in your jurisdiction, please keep checking back as more will be added on a continual basis as more lawyers agree to volunteer.   

Please see their brochure at this LINK.  

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