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Entcounsel is a law firm for creatives, startups and entrepreneurs assisting you in the areas of entertainment law, business law and intellectual property law.

Use the free resources on this website to help you with your business or idea. Still can't find the answer, then contact us to request an appointment with your personal intellectual property, entertainment lawyer & business lawyer!

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Entcounsel has been providing legal and business support to creatives, YouTube content producers, film, TV and music producers, business owners, startups and entrepreneurs in the startup and creative industries for over 15 years.  

We help creatives and entrepreneurs growing their business with putting in place the right business structure (whether incorporation, partnership or sole proprietorship or otherwise), protecting intellectual property rights, trade secrets and confidential information and ensuring the right legal agreements (employment agreement, shareholder agreements, licensing agreements, NDAs and others are put in place). 

Check out our resource section for information such as dealing with intellectual property infringement, (copyright and trademark infringement), business law, entertainment law, defamation law, trade secrets, non disclosure agreements and other resources for entrepreneurs and startups that will transform your entrepreneurial skills.  Click on Resources above to see out list.

Our YouTube channel has videos on dealing with copyright infringement online, creating a business plan, crafting a legally compliant pitch deck, drafting a social media policy, going through the trademark registration process and the steps for obtaining a trademark registration.

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"Vandana is a committed and passionate business lawyer and intellectual property law for startups that gets results!"

Mayank Gupta 

Simple Startup

"Vandana is a great asset to the startup community.  She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build and commercialize their business ideas.  Vandana brings a unique arts and media perspective in her work that she helps support entrepreneurs from the annual IT'S A START Pitch Competition at Digifest".

Alice Lee

Producer, DigiFest and IT's A START Pitch Competition, George Brown College


You can also work directly with us if you need legal services and representation.  Entcounsel is your business lawyer, entertainment lawyer, technology lawyer and intellectual property lawyer rolled into one with a focus on creatives and startups!  

If you are a startup or entrepreneur, we can guide you on ensuring that you start off on the right foot protecting your business working with an experienced business lawyer who has mentored many startups at OCAD's Imagination Catalyst, George's Brown's digiFest, The Community Innovation Lab, Venture for Canada and many others.  

Protect your intellectual property including copyright, trademarks, patents, trade secrets and confidential information.  If you need an entertainment lawyer in Toronto, we can help you with your talent agreement, deal memos, production agreement, errors and omissions and other legal agreements.

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