Entcounsel is a law firm for creatives, startups and entrepreneurs assisting you in the areas of intellectual property law, entertainment law, promotions and contest law and business law.   

Vandana Taxali started as an entertainment lawyer in toronto and now helps all creatives, startups and entrepreneurs with their creative and new media projects including intellectual property,  contracts and licensing. 

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Intellectual Property Law


Business Law


Entertainment Law


Contests & Promotions


Copyright Law

We can help with the enforcement, protection and maintenance of intellectual property rights including assistance with preparing copyright and trademark application.

Trademark Law

We help owners of intangible intellectual property asset maintain the rights to their ideas and inventions as well as trademarks by the protection, management and enforcement of their IP rights.  

Contract Law

We cover all areas of contract law including breach of contract, misrepresentation, fraud, illegal contracts and contract formation.

 We will advocate and negotiate on your behalf to get the best terms for any deal whether licensing, technology, distribution or film production agreements.  Our strength lies in closing deals and working with the other side to get the best possible resolution for you.  We respect the other side and will advocate vigorously to ensure you get a fair and reasonable deal.


We assist with licensing agreements in the areas of copyright, technology, software, music, television and merchandising.  

We can draft licensing agreements in the areas of merchandising, art technology, software, artwork licensing, broadcast television and distribution agreements, trademark licensing etc.  

Contests & Promotion law

We can assist with contest rules drafting and review of promotion and advertising copy and POS to minimize the risk and legal pitfalls in contests and promotions.  

These include review of all marketing materials including contest administration and prize fulfillment, sales and advertising materials, press releases and other corporate communications.  

Entertainment Law

We provide a variety of entertainment legal services in the areas of film/tv, music, publishing including:  production contracts, music clearance, assistance with provincial and federal tax credits, structuring your production company, international and Canadian co-productions, drafting co-development and provincial co-production agreements, chain of title review, option and literary purchase and life story agreements, book publishing agreements, errors and omissions insurance review etc. 

Trade Secrets & Confidential Information

We can help protect your trade secrets and confidential information.  

We can customize and draft an NDA to suit your business situation.  

Business & Corporate Law

We help creatives and entrepreneurs grow their business by setting up the right business structure (whether incorporation, partnership or sole proprietorship etc.).

We ensure the right legal agreements are in place for your business (such as employment agreement, shareholder agreements, licensing agreements, NDAs etc.).