Art Law Collective Launch Event

Art Law Collective Launch Event

The Art & Law Collective will be having their launch event on Wednesday June 22nd at 7 pm (doors open at 6 pm). The Art & Law Collective is a community initiative that seeks to bring together lawyers, art market professionals, scholars and students trained by the Association for Research into Crimes Against Art. Art law includes: estates, tax, insurance, finance, sales, import/export, restitute and heritage protection.

The launch event will kick off with a keynote by Aaron Milrad (counsel at Dentons), Nancy Parke-Taylor (in-house counsel at Mondex Corporation), and Mark Collins (Sergeant for the OPP trained by the Association for Research into Crimes Against Art). The full details can be found here.The talk will be published as webinars with the support of One Art Nation.

The event is taking place at Bennet Jones LLP on the 34th floor of First Canadian Place.

The Art & Law Collective was founded by Elisa Durante and Christina Mackinnon. See our interview with them below.

Why did you decide to form “The Art & Law Collective” and what are your goals for this initiative?

  • Christina: We began The Art & Law Collective as a way of bringing together members from the legal community with professionals from the art market and revealing how the two industries inform one another. The intention is to trigger discourse about the legal nuances of art market transactions in Canada by facilitating collaborative events and consolidating resources on the web.

Tell us about yourselves and where does your interest in art stem from?

  • Elisa: Both Christina and I have undergraduate backgrounds in the arts and we both continued to develop these interests into our post-graduate and legal studies. Christina did her masters degree at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London, UK, and I attended Tulane-Siena Institute for International Law, Cultural Heritage and the Arts at L’Universitíç Degli Studi di Siena. Christina also has experience in the art market, having worked at Sotheby’s and Print Quarterly. Apart from academics, I really enjoy learning about different artistic techniques, especially fibre arts. Most recently I took the opportunity to do a batik silk painting workshop with a local artisan in Siena.

Are members Canadian or International?

  • Christina: We are focused on establishing a community of Canadian lawyers, art market professionals, scholars and students in hopes of raising the profile of “art law” in Canada.
  • Elisa: Of course, we also deal with art law organizations in the UK and USA art lawyers and scholars who inform our approach and publish excellent resources on art law issues globally.

Looking forward to their inaugural event coming up!


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