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How to Opt Out of receiving Ads Online When Browsing

Interest based advertising can be seen as both helpful and an invasion of privacy at the same time. Interest based advertising or online behavioural ads occur when ads pop up when you’re browsing internet sites. They are customized based on your browsing behaviour and based on predictions about your interests from your visits to other …

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Reporting SPAM to the Spam Reporting Centre

Unsolicited emails and spam are annoying for everyone. CASL helps to address this problem and now provides a mechanism to actually do something about it. The article below describes how you can report a spam claim and how anti-spam will be enforced. While it may not address your situation immediately, the Spam Reporting Centre will …

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Canada’s Anti Spam Legislation Summary

CASL compliance is a concern with everyone.  Canada’s Anti Spam legislation (CASL) came into effect on July 1, 2014 changing the way we can market or promote products and/or services through emails, newsletters and other electronic promotional materials to individuals via email. The legislation prohibits sending a commercial electronic message (CEM) to an email address via …

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contest rules template

Contest Rules Template & Checklist

Contest checklist to help you with your next promotion and making sure you have all the bases covered and are in compliance with the law pursuant to the Competition Bureau of Canada and the Criminal Code of Canada. Contest Rules Checklist (& Contest Rules Template) Contest and promotion in Canada are governed by the Competition …

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Satellite Radio CRTC Decision Sparks Debate

Satellite Radio decisions by the CRTC has sparked debate on whether there will competition with conventional radio. ŒæThe Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commissionäó»s recentŒædecision to license three subscription radio licenses to: Sirius Canada Inc., Canadian Satellite Radio, and CHUM Limited/Astral Media Radio Inc. has sparked debates across the country – and signaled a new and …

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Misleading Advertising – Goodlife Fitness Club

Misleading advertising provisions by the Competition Bureau are decided in a case against Goodlife Fitness. Goodlife Fitness Club, a privately-owned fitness company which operates over 90 fitness clubs across Canada, agreed to concede to a consent agreement with the Commissioner of Competition on Feb. 9/05 after an investigation into its marketing practices by the Competition …

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The Elements of Defamation – Avoiding A Legal Claim for Journalists

It is important for a journalist to know the elements of defamation.  Defamation and libel are concerns that journalists have when reporting on contentious and controversial issues. Having worked for various broadcasters over the years, journalists have a lot of questions about what they can or cannot report. The following is a hot list of …

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