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Arts & Entertainment Law

Entcounsel is an intellectual property law firm practising in copyright & entertainment law located in Toronto

Contract Law

We cover all areas of contract law including breach of contract, misrepresentation, fraud, illegal contracts, and contract formation.

Intellectual Property

We help owners of intangible, intellectual assets maintain the rights to their ideas and inventions as well as trademarks by the protection, management and enforcement of their IP rights. We also h

Entertainment Law

Our law firm provides a variety of entertainment legal services in the areas of film/tv, music, publishing etc.


Entcounsel law firm assists with licensing agreements in the areas of copyright, technology, software, music, television and merchandising.

About Entcounsel

Vandana Taxali is a legal professional and business lawyer (media, technology, software and entertainment) with over a decade of experience in intellectual property (copyright, trademark), licensing, contracts and entertainment law
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Our firm offers legal services in the following areas:

Entertainment Law

  • Film & TV Production Law
  • Music Law

Contests & Promotion

  • Contest Rules Drafting & Review
  • Review of Promotion & Advertising Copy & POS
  • Minimizing Risk & Legal Pitfalls in Contests & Promotions

Intellectual Property, Licensing & Contracts

  • Enforcement, protection and maintenance of intellectual property rights including assistance with preparing copyright and trademark applications
  • Drafting licensing agreements in the area of merchandising, art, technology, software, etc.
  • Drafting all types of contracts related to small businessess
  • Advising & assisting start ups & entrepreneurs in creative & new media projects


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